Euro 2016: The 3 best sponsorship spot kicks

The Uefa Euro 2016  is on. The tournament, which is in its 15th edition is the third most popular sporting event–after the world cup and Olympics. This is best exemplified by the increase of year-on-year viewership. In 2012 for example, more than 8.1 billion people watched the event. This year the viewership expectation has been projected to reach 15 billion-presumably higher than the Super bowl.

Conversely, this data has led to an increased appetite from sponsors. Thus, the sponsorship jamboree has seen a total $500 million being given to Uefa as sponsorship rights. The official sponsors lineup includes 10 brands; Adidas, Carlsberg, Continental Tyres, Coca-Cola, Hyundai/Kia, McDonald’s, Orange, Socar, Turkish Airlines and Hisense.

The sponsorship whistles may have been blown no doubt, but how appealing are the activations? To try and make sense of this, i spoke to a sample of local individuals who featured; sponsorship consultants, sports journalists and football fans. We discussed a number variables and features, the outcome of which was a list of the 3 brands with the most outstanding sponsorship activity.

#1 Cocacola

Cocacola’s charm offensive has been enabled by Euro 2016 giveaways that include tickets-a “tried and tested” sponsorship architecture that it hopes will reap more purchases.

The soft drinks giant which has for long “tasted the feeling” of football sponsorship, had 504 prizes of four tickets for the tourney in Paris, with on-pack promotions being the channel through which one can win.

As a way of support, Cocacola mashed-up the ticket giveaway with marketing activity that included a television campaign. The mental pictures in the marketing drive will resonate with Coke’s Taste the Feeling campaign.

Despite some unsatisfactory results that never “opened happiness” for Coke, the soft drink manufacturer has noted that it would be gaining fresh impetus owing to its buzzy Euro 2016 summertime activity.

#2 Calsberg

The official beer of the tournament paired with Marcel Desailly to help give the beautiful game back to the people.

Desailly, a former France and Chelsea FC star, took a leading role in the TV spot as a revolutionary. The advert capitalizes on the brand’s well known theme “If Carlsberg did.” Hence, if you had to consider If Calsberg did revolutions, then this would present a eureka moment. As conqueror, Desailly, in true French revolution style swipes tickets from under the noses of French nobles and shares them with fellow fans. And with a football twist on the famed french motto, ‘Liberté, Egalité, Footballité!’, they claim the Euro 2016 as their own.

Click here to watch the ad.

Separately, the beer manufacturer also jumped into the bandwagon of giving away tickets through its “superchuggers” on the streets of London. The approach was simple; any person willing to stop and accept to offer 90 minutes for their country were rewarded with twosome tickets to watch England at the tournament.

Click here to watch the ad.

#3 Orange

The usual strategy by brands has always rested on the ‘key players’. But, No! Orange thought it different. It instead made fans the focus of attention.

Zinédine Zidane the retired French star features in the Orange sponsors you campaign-where he will help identify the ‘world’s ultimate fans.’

Speaking of putting fans first it seems Orange was beaten to it by Cocacola who had a first mover advantage of claiming the same. Despite this, Orange notes that the campaign is a doorway to link fans with their passions, as opposed to the limitations that come with badging.

The 20 ultimate fans will be sought from around the world, through “scouts” who will be sent by Zidane. They will then be flown to watch the final at the Stade de France.

Click here to watch the ad.

So…,how appealing are the sponsorship activities to you? How would you have rated them? Better yet, what’s your most striking sponsorship endeavour of all (non-official sponsors included)?


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