‘Snuggly Affair’: Bidco spreads the love with #RandomTeddy

Nairobi’s CBD has become the focus of a campaign to help Bidco Africa promote its newly launched fabric softener Gental Care. The gist of the promotion features six ‘teddy bears’ that hug residents alongside handing presents- on the city streets.

Those who happen to meet the teddy bears are encouraged to take a selfie and share the same on the bidco digital platforms.

So far there has been plenty of approval for the execution.

screenshot - Copy - Copy


scrnchot 6screenshot - Copyscreenshot 4

According to Bidco, the campaign fits in with its expansion plan in Kenya with the aim of outclassing its current size. Key to this will be differentiating its products and innovating  its brands.

“This is part of our growth strategy in Kenya where the goal is to attain four times our present size,” CEO Vimal Shah said in a statement yesterday. “The only way to do this is to introduce new product categories and new mainstay brands, and this is one of them.”

Bidco 2Click here to watch the campaign ad.


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